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Discovery Rent Car offers you services personalized :

      • The long-term rental : is a solution for you, simple and economical.
        *  That you are an entrepreneur, a craftsman, in liberal profession or a private individual, she assures you a constant mobility. It is the relation which does not stop in the discount of the keys of the vehicle but a carefree solution which lasts all the time of the contract.
        *  It is also the financial solution which does not require debts and which asks little or no initial contribution. The rent is fixed according to the chosen vehicle, to the annual mileage, to the duration of the contract, and the services from which you want to benefit. With Discovery, it is especially the insurance to roll on the way tranquillity: you lead, we take care of everything!
    • The renter out :
      *  The renter out acquires vehicles with the builders and the dealers at prices negotiated among the best of the market.
      *  All the concerns and the chances are supported by the renter out: revisions, mechanical repairs … All the operations of interview of the vehicle is thus responsible for the renter out.
      *  Administrative procedures and expenses of registration are also chargeable to the renter out.
      *  The renter out takes care with reselling the vehicle at the end of contract.
      *  The renter out guarantees to his tenants a unique interlocutor who manages for them all the steps relative to their car or their professional vehicles.
  • The tenant :
    *  You benefit from a fixed and predefined rent, the invariable amount of which was determined with agreement.
    *  You pay only the real custom of the vehicle and not its depreciation.
    *  You will not tie asset, your capital is not affected by the acquisition of your new vehicle.
    *  You are familiar with your car budget.
    *  You do not get into debt and you have little or no contribution to provide.
    *  The administrative and tax your vehicle is simplified by the provision of summary statements or specific information (depreciation, tax on company car, tax, benefits in kind).
    *  You no longer have to worry about maintaining your vehicles.
    *  You do not bear the financial risk of resale.
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