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Age and driving licence:
The licence must be necessarily presented to every rent. The licence must be Tunisian or international. The certificates of loss or flight are categorically refused.
Minimum age: 21 years and 2 years of licence (category A, B, C, E, F), 25 years and 2 years of licence (category G)
Accepted means of payment:
For your convenience, we advise you to pay your rent by payment card approved by Discovery Rent Car.
A Pledge in sort, check or credit card will be demanded to you in the grip of the vehicle. This one necessarily has to be in your name and first name.
The amount of the deposit is equal to that of the incompressible franchising.
Regulation of the estimated rental will be required to start the vehicle.
The possible refund will be sent to you by check under 30 days.
In the case of the application of a promotional price list, the disregard of the duration of rent planned during the coverage of the vehicle, will pull systematically the invoicing of the current public price list according to period.


Our price lists include:
The oil, the interview and the documents of edge.
The provision of the vehicle.
The unlimited mileage.
The unlimited third-party insurance and the accidents caused in thirds.
Our price lists do not include:
The incompressible franchising or the franchising in case of flight of the vehicle (see paragraph insurances and complements to protection)
Fuel: vehicles must be restored with the same level of fuel as at first. Should the opposite occur, the missing fuel will be charged to the retail price in addition to the expenses of filling.
The expenses of delivery of the double of keys (in case of deterioration, loss or of flight): will be charged according to the place of delivery of the place of delivery of the copies of keys.

» THE SUPPLEMENTS Discovery Rent Car

Additional conductive supplement: only the main driver and his spouse are authorized to lead the vehicle Discovery Rent Car.
Every additional driver must be mentioned on the contract during the coverage of the vehicle so that the cover of the insurances is effective.
A 15-dinar lump sum will be applied by rent and by additional driver.
Supplement conveys dirty: every vehicle restored excessively dirty hairs of animals, sand, mud, tried saddlery, etc.) will be the object of a charged thorough clean-up 50 dinars.


The equipments of vehicles
Package seat Baby: 30 dinars the week
Booster Package: 20 dinars week
Delivery / Resumption
Airport transfer: 25 dinars (Monastir, Enfidha), 50 dinars (Tunis Carthage).


The return of the vehicle must be made during the opening hours of the agency Discovery Rent Car.
Every vehicle restored out of hours lives under the responsibility of the tenant.
The hour of return of the vehicle to close the contract and determine the amount of the invoice, will be the hour of the next opening of the agency.
The deteriorations of tires, wheel rims and flats, the expenses of towing, the deterioration or the flight of accessories (rear-view mirror, antenna, indicator, lighthouse), the damages caused by waters (rain, sea) further to a carelessness, internal damages, damages caused under the vehicle and owed to a misuse of the vehicle, damages caused outside an asphalted road, and more generally all the damages due to a custom not in compliance with the standards of the builders stay chargeable to the customer even if the insurance reduction of franchising (CDW) in summer signed.
The loss of keys obliging us to change all the locks, the total amount of these expenses will entirely be charged to the customer.
The replacement of keys further to a deterioration stays chargeable to the customer.
Not return of the keys of the vehicle, further to the flight, will pull the invoicing of this last one.
Damage to property caused in the vehicle by a not authorized driver stays completely chargeable to the tenant.
Damage to property caused in the vehicle is flatware only in the case of an accident with an identified third and on production of an accident reporting within 24 hours.
The flight or the degradation of the vehicle also have to be the object of a statement with polices (police or national police). The absence of these documents implies the complete payment of the damage by the customer.
Personal effects are not flatware

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